SURMT CM625 Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing + Review by Ramzy

Back with another mechanical keyboard review! I previously took a look at the GANNS GK87 Pro which was such a vibrant and colorful keyboard. This time, we're gonna be taking a look at something much more...simple. The SURMT CM625 is an 87-key TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard which has a pretty standard design and layout, I would say. It looks like a lot of other common TKL's in the market such as Ducky's, Filco's, etc. It comes with Outemu switches which vary from Black, Brown, Red, and Blue, so there are plenty enough choices for everyone to pick a switch to their liking. But do take good note that Outemu, being Cherry MX clones, are much less reliable in terms of quality and how long the switches last before starting to degrade. But we're dealing with a very budget-friendly board here so I can't really complain all too much about that.

Below are the board's specs:
Weight: 1.1kg
Working voltage: 5-5.5V DC
Cable length: 1800mm
Key/switch life: >5000 presses
87 Keys
Dimensions: 358.34x138.1x38.3mm
Working current: 100mA

As you can see, the model itself looks pretty ordinary, I guess you may call it. No fancy RGB LED's that surround the board's lower body this time, and certainly no lighting for its individual keys. But that certainly isn't  a bad thing at all. Sometimes, simplicity is all that one asks for and that's something this keyboard certainly excels at.

Unlike most Chinese-branded keyboards, I actually appreciate how clean and uncomplicated this one looks. Aside from the logo, it looks quite decent. Specially at its price range at just Php 1,500.

But how does it actually fare though? Well, do check out the quick video I did for the board wherein I do an unboxing and then a very quick and straightforward review of the keyboard itself.

Again, the board is priced at only Php1,500, making it one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards around! So if you're looking into getting your click and clack on by getting yourself an entry-level mechanical keyboard, why not consider this one? If you're located in the Philippines, or even better, in Cebu, local groupbuys are occasionally organized within the "Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts" group on Facebook. You may just look that up and join if you're still not a member and ask around! Glad to be of any help!

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