This past Friday, April 7th, yours truly, along with some of my fellow media friends got invited to the grand opening and ribbon cutting for the very first concept store for the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand courtesy of ASUS. Known as the worlds number 1 gaming brand, they certainly possess a whole lot in their arsenal when it comes to sheer gaming power. From their array of gamer accessories and equipment, to the high-powered laptops and desktop computers, anyone who'd consider themselves a true gamer will surely have their fix when it comes to fantastic hardware.

The event was a spectacle-filled affair as it was just packed with a whole load of exciting and fun activities! Aside from the ribbon-cutting and opening ceremonies celebrating the store's official launch, there were also a couple of gaming-related challenges in store for those in attendance! Below, I'll be including some photos from the events plus some footage of our turn playing in the little tournament they held for the folks from the media! Good times all around!

Quick context: so before the event started, we were actually told that there was gonna  be a little challenge for us, but we didn't know what exactly we were going to be playing until the actual moment of the tourney. That being said, it turned out we were set to play some good old "Left 4 Dead" in Survival mode, with none other than miss Ann Mateo herself! We were asked to form groups of three with the fourth player on the team being Ann. Aside from the big goal which was to survive for as long as possible as the swarm of zombies and their various super-powered types try to get us, another major objective was to protect Ann's character and keep her alive. She dies in the game, then the run is over. Each team was given three runs with the best score the one to be counted and compared to the others. And of course, the team with the longest time recorded, wins the whole thing.

All in all, I had an absolute blast. Not only because I just love playing video games and having the best time with them, but also because the teamwork and camaraderie that it helps bring out is just incomparable, plus to be playing on some top-of-the-line equipment is just icing on the cake.

Here's some footage from one of our runs during the challenge!

Overall, I would really just like to thank the awesome folks from Republic of Gamers! Huge shoutouts to them for being the best hosts! I had an absolute blast during the event and cannot wait for what they have in store next! So be sure to drop by the store located right at the entrance of the Cyberzone area of SM City Cebu! And be sure to also like/follow ROG's Facebook page and Instagram for regular updates!

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  1. I was invited to this event, but I declined because I'm not a gamer, nor a fan of gaming itself. Haha! Guess you all had a blast that day. :)

  2. I was also invited to this event but werk, werk. Whoah, regards ko ni lablab Ann Mateo. <3

  3. Looks like you guys had fun especially with Ann. (seems like she's famous though I don't know her. lol) I consider myself a gamer but not "heavy gamer" and I don't play too much online games. Surely their store will make the serious gamers happy, some might drool (because #priceSoHigh).

  4. Such an awesome place but not suitable for fanatics that has issues with budget coz their products are so so so not friendly hehehe.

  5. I happened to take a look at the specs of one of their displays, and boy was it every heavy gamer's dream. The place is basically heaven for these guys.

  6. Keep playing games but never play the heart of people and think it's all just a game. It isn't. Hahahaha.