All set, and ready to get our clack on! Last Saturday, the 8th of April, 2017 was the Fourth Official Meetup for the Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts. I find it almost hard to believe that only a year ago, there was only less than ten of us who attended the first ever meetup, and a bit more than that during the second, and that was including a few guests who just got dragged along to the whole affair, haha. This time, there was a total of forty participants who registered and bought their boards to the event! 

I'm afraid I don't have an official count as to how many keyboards where present for all to try out, but there was certainly a lot. It was the most amount of boards we've ever had during a meetup, as well as the amount of people who attended. It's really exciting and fascinating how the community has just continued to grow over the past year or so alone.

The meetup was also filled with a few activities aside from the given hands-on testing of the boards on display. First, was the awarding for the Surmt Modding Contest with the prize for the winner being a EEPW 84 keyboard kit. There were three entries for the contest, all of which got shipped out from the Luzon area all the way over here in Cebu. But unfortunately, one of them didn't wasn't able to make it, but two is still better than nothing.

The three entries each have their own build logs which I'll be linking below:

From left to right, "Woody" and "Radioactive Man's Keyboard" were the two that manage to get sent by their owners. With the box containing the grand prize.

We also had a typing contest to see who could do it the fastest, but with the twist of using an ErgoDox, which aside from its owner, were a challenge for all of us to use properly because that was the first time any of us even got to see one in person, much less actually type on it.

As you can see, it resulted...poorly.

We also had some talks about certain topics from someone's journey towards being a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, owning an ANNE, to now, a few keyboard later, having a decked out board with all sorts of customizations, an HHKB, and more.

We also had a talk about Topre's courtesy of one of the group's founders, Mike.

More quick talks by some of the most active guys in the community, Jonathan, who talked about different switch types and then a discussion about custom board parts and keycaps by Marvin.

And then onto the raffle! With a whole bunch of neat stuff courtesy of the guys from the group. Just wanna give them each a huge shoutout cause it was really cool of them to give out stuff!

A braided micro-usb cable and an XXL MX Switch-printed mouse mat from Jonathan.

A couple of 3D printed keycaps from one of the community's members Peter.

The winners of the items from the raffle draw!

This one's actually just for the keycap set. Not including the board itself. But the keyset happens to be PBT ones from Vortex, so it's still pretty cool!

The lucky winner of the keycap set! Again, keyboard not included. Hahaha.

All in all, the event was nothing short of a huge success. Everyone hung out and had a great time testing out boards, talking to each other, asking questions, and just having fun all around the vast spread of different mechanical keyboards. Specially since we were lucky enough to have been given an awesome venue courtesy of Codigu. The meetup was held in their office and the space was more than enough to accommodate everyone and the boards! It's really quite something to witness the community grow more and more during each meetup. Thanks so much to everyone for attending and specially to those who helped made it possible! Absolutely cannot wait for the next one!

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  1. This is a pretty interesting event! TBH I only heard/read about this from your blog and it's nice that you guys have this kind of community. Who would have thought? A community for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts! What could be next?

  2. Wow. Your community is growing strong. I will never been into it but I am happy to you found mates that like mechanical keyboards. Expecting to see more meet up posts from you in the future.

  3. Just learned about this community on your post. Really not a fond of the stuff but its interesting. Saw your review of Surmt too and I wonder why is it expensive?

  4. Same with everybody else, I didnt know such community existed until I read about it in this post. It amazes me to know that starting from a small number, you guys are now growing gradually. I just hope word will go out about this group and that more people who share the same love for mechanical keyboards will hop in and the join the club.

  5. Never heard about mechanical keyboard exhibit jud. I did not even thought nga naa pod diay community who loves mechanical keyboards. And the keyboards are all awesoooome!

  6. I love staring at all those keyboards! I probably would only use one of these sometimes though since I don't like too many accessories.

  7. I miss clicking those KBs! Kanindot raba jud sa feeling. Congrats for the fun and successful event! :)

  8. I am digging SURMT. Looks like a typewriter and I love typewriters!