RAMZY REVIEWS: "Kong: Skull Island"

A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight to escape a primal Eden.

So! New format on the reviews! I figured it would be better overall if I just start making solid and clear recommendations about a movie in my reviews, so here we are!

As for the movie itself, man. "Kong: Skull Island", got me cautiously-optimistic at first. It looked promising considering the fantastic cast it had going for it. Then again! A film's cast is never really the biggest tell of whether the movie will be good or not as a lot of other one's in the past which have had an equally impressive line-up turned out to be shit. But, I am here to inform you, that "Kong: Skull Island" is far from being that. In fact. It happens to be quite a fantastic movie! And I do dare saying that it is the perfect monster movie! It's got a decent story going for it. Nothing really too impressive, but is serviceable enough, some pretty fleshed-out characters, I would say, almost each one, happens to deliver stellar performances. It's directed well in that you're quite aware of what happens during the big monster fights which are this movie's bread and butter. Good direction is really crucial for action movies because you have to know what the hell is going on, where each character is in the given environment and when you add all that up, what might go down.

Speaking of the action, this movie's big fights happen to be nothing short of spectacular. They are the definition of quality, popcorn-action I'm telling you. I can't remember the last time I was that giddy and hyped up in the cinema while watching something ever since "Pacific Rim", maybe, but this film is probably even better because it happens to be more well-rounded and is just a better movie in a lot of aspects. The film really does have more than enough going for it. Interesting characters, with good performances from the star-studded cast, story that happens to be decent enough to set-up the big monster-universe they're planning out, and of course, some edge-of-your-seat-bouncing-up-and-down-with-an-ear-to-ear-grin action. Man did this movie get my hype as fuck. Hahaha!

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Personal rating: 9.2/10

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  1. SO MANY MOVIES! I don't have the luxury to watch them all! Zzzz. I hope I get to watch this sooner rather than later. This movie looks promising and I hope that King Kong vs. Godzilla movie will be worth all the setup. :)

  2. Ohh looks so good! I hope I'd get a chance to watch this on cinemas because your video review enticed me to watch!! haha!

  3. I've seen the trailers from YouTube and it really thrilled me. Growing up knowing what King Kong is and having watched the previous movies, I can say, from the trailers, that the quality has really upgraded.

    Haven't seen the movie yet. Does this follow the same framework with the previous King Kong movies? Where King Kong is misunderstood, then eventually saves the humans from other freaking creatures and the likes?

    1. You know, because some trailers imply a different story line than the actual movie.

  4. @Junji, exactly my thoughts.
    Looking forward for this movie as well. <3

  5. Looking forward to watch this movie this weekend with my siblings!

  6. OMG kadako sa rating! Looking forward! Mangayo nia mi nimog copy kay kapoy download aw hahaha

  7. All hail King Kong! He's the most iconic monster deserving many movie versions. This one's not an exception!

  8. Looks interesting. So many movies, not enough funds to watch them all. #Sadlife Well, I am looking forward to watch this movie too aside from Beauty and the Beast. Can't wait actually. Plus your high rating made me more interested to watch this.

  9. Wala pa ko kita sa Kong movie before. Ganahan na nuon ko mutan-aw tungod sa imong rating. Wew. Lemme finish my thesis first!

  10. Hala lingaw ang rating. Murag nindot jud ni da. Salig ra ko sa imong choices baya Ram. Hahaha