RAMZY REVIEWS: GANSS GK87 PRO Mechanical Keyboard

Hey! New unboxing + review post! And I'm super stoked to make this one because this is for sure one of the coolest freaking keyboards I have ever laid hands on! And I happen to have tried a lot of them. I even own three myself which I featured in this post. Not to mention, the multiple meetups I've help organize and participate in in the past which can be seen here and here!

This is the Ganss GK87 PRO, a TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard which packs a whole lot of dope features! I got this from my buddy Marvin of the Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts group since he was kind enough to offer me if I wanted to take a look at it and give it a spin. So yeah, I've had the keyboard for about a week and had some time to try it out, take footage of it and its multiple features.
Below are some shots I took of the board in its default lighting state.

Ganss GK87 PRO Technical Specs:
Layout: Tenkeyless - 87keys standard ANSI
Switch: Cherry MX - Blue, Red, Browm, Black, Green
Keycaps: OEM PBT material Gamer Font - White
Plate: Aluminum - Silver
Backlight: Ice Blue Only - with ligthting modes
Underglow: RGB Programmable

As for my thoughts about the keyboard overall, you may watch the video that I did as I explain it all there, while also showing off the different lighting features that the board has--all of which, happen to be really, really cool! So yeah, be sure to check it out!

Also, as a last note, if you're in the Philippines, more ideally, in Cebu, and are interested in getting one for yourself, just look for the "Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH" or "Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts" groups on Facebook, join it and look around for Marvin's post of the groupbuy for details! As of 02/20/17, the current groupbuy has closed, but there will for sure be other groupbuys in the future if enough people show interest so don't be afraid to post or ask around!

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  1. Hindi ka nakontento sa isa, gi tulo jud nimo ha! It'd be cool to have this keyboard, but I don't really need this right now. Hahaha! At least, I have an idea if I ever consider buying myself one in the future.

  2. This is just so...SEXXAAAYYYY. If only I have a mech keyboard then I'd be more motivated at work and in blogging hahahaa lol

  3. Look at those rainbow colors! Bagay na bagay sa rainbow manicure ko. Nyahahahaha

  4. Waaaahhhhh, Panghatag na bihhh. :) Giveaway na yan :) Very cool keyboard tbh. I just wish that I can lay my hands on keyboards like this in the future. Well, for now hanggang tingin nalang muna.

  5. Wow but I do not think I will ever be a mechanical keyboard addict hehehe. It looks impressive though!

  6. I think this was the keyboard na imo ko gipasulay og tuplok Ramzy. I like the sound and the feel it gives my fingers. Bagay siya sa ako kay kusog man ko motuplok. Plok plok plok!

  7. The keyboard itself is definitely awesome! I am wondering if my fingers would feel really comfortable with it. I like the plok plok plok sounds same as Channel. :D But the build, it's physically strong. (Y)

  8. I'm all for mechanical keyboards like this! My beef with them is that you can't use them while having chocolate on your fingers or else ants will go in the keyboards and invade the circuitry. GAAAAAAH I HATE THAT!

  9. Mechanical keywords are literally lit! While not anytime soon, I might consider getting at most ONE some time. Hahahaha. The sound of it gyod ang takeaway! :D

  10. Siyaro og maglisud pa ka og type sa ngitngit? HAHAHAHA

  11. pwede mapalitan ung keycaps nito?