Last week, a few blogger friends and I got to visit the hippest, and newest Mexican restaurant in town. Red Lizard Taqueria which dishes out everyone's Mexican favorites made fresh and fast, in the absolute best way possible!

The place has a really nice atmosphere, specially towards millenials like myself. It's hip, trendy, and is oozing with character. Now that's not really meant to be a pun even though the opposite side of that wall with the big "TACOS" signage happens to be filled with comic-like illustrations and drawings. It's just that, as a whole, the place is downright cool. I like being there. Unfortunately though, as of the moment, the only branch that they have open is over at IT Park which is to be honest, a bit too far away from me. But they do have a couple more branches in Ayala Cebu and Robinsons Galleria opening really soon, which is great for me and a whole lot of people who have better access to those spots.

Now of course, while I do love the place in of itself. What I love even more is their fantastic food which I'm gonna run through below!

Their pork belly tacos.
Creamy Texas-style questo to accompany their...
Hand-made masa chips or nachos.
Nachos Machos
Los Tacos Originales (hard-shell tacos)
More tacos!
The gang chowing down on the kickass feast!
Overall, I really loved the place. Loved the feel of it, their idea of serving high quality Mexican cuisine fast, and geared towards people either on the go, or to those who just want to chill out. I would for sure, be coming back because it's for sure worth the visit! Hope you'll take the time to drop by there as well!

Now, watch the video that I did for Kalami Cebu!

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  1. Nice video, Ram! Sayang, wala jud ko ani. I would love to dine at Red Lizard one of these days. I heard their food choices are affordable lang. :)

  2. Ka lami!!! <3 I want to go there soon!!

  3. Seems the place is worth the visit and the food looks delicious. Will surely find time to check them out.

  4. Until now I still have the aftertaste of masa chips with creamy Texas style queso. Haha craving soooo bad. I need to be back there soon! Nachos Machos is also a favorite.

  5. Creamy Texas Style Queso is love. Balik ta diri ninyo. Hahaha!

  6. When "these-Tacos-are-prettier-than-me" kind of feeling. I'm gonna eat them one day hehe!

  7. Yum kalami oiiiii. And looks like you guys really enjoyed your time there, too! Hahahaha!

  8. yey! another good place to eat near our office. I heard from my colleagues too that their food is really good and affordable. I would love to try it one of this days.

  9. Im a huge fan of quesadillas, so Im really curious as to how their version tastes any different.