Decembet 8, 2016 - With its recent unveiling of the "Smart Home" also known as the home of the future, digital services leader PLDT Home unveils its Concept Store for Cebuanos in SM Seaside City.

"After actively touring Cebu earlier this year to promote our diverse products and services, we are so excited to open a concept store to our Cebuano customers for the first time" Renren Reyes - PLDT Home Head said. "Much like with out flagship stores in Metro Manila, Cebu residents will be able to experience our full suite of innovations in a modern and refreshing environment.

The new concept store features the latest in communication and technology and applies the pillars under PLDT's Smart Home concept; entertainment, security, connectivity and convergence. Exciting digital elements help enrich the visitor's overall experience such as the broadband visualizer, an easy-to-use tool that simulates broadband data usage per plan, and the augmented reality screen, a massive display used to attract and engage people outside the store by showing enlarged and comical versions of themselves similar to Snapchat.

Convenience and efficiency were also given much thought with the video chat option for customer service queries; experiential booths for visitors to try out PLDT Home Fibr, DSL and Ultera offerings first-hand; and interactive screens or giant simulations of tablets where they can watch videos, browse through Facebook, play games and check out the rest of PLDT Home's robust digital portfolio.

To celebrate this milestone launch, PLDT will be doing a series of on-ground promos for those who visit the store from December 8-12, 2016. Kicking off with the take-a-selfie promo, which honored the first 100 customers who presented their pictures with the PLDT mobile photo booth on December 8, the promos include:

1. Pick-a-prize promo - The first 50 customers each day from December 8 to 12 will be entitled to participate in the pick-a-prize bowl promo to win exciting prizes.

2. FabTab promo - The first five new subscribers each day who will pay the installation fees for any PLDT service from December 8 to 12 will take home Wave 8 tablets.
3. Under-your-seat promo - Customers in the Atrium, SM Seaside City's main event area, with stars under their chairs will score prizes which will be claimed in the concept store.

"Our new high-tech concept store, coupled with our accommodating staff and engaging activities, is part of our continuous efforts to proactively and efficiently address the needs of our current and potential Cebu-based subscribers." Head of Home Customer Care Paolo Lopez said. "With each store we establish in the country, we reinforce our commitment to provide nothing short of quality products and end-to-end services, embracing and benefiting the Filipinos' digital lifestyles."

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  1. Wow, this is really awesome since PLDT is really innovating for the convenience of their customer. I as well very excited for their new product. It must be really interesting knowing that they're really doing their best to provide good internet service to their customer.

  2. Very interesting to know this especially now that my internet connection sucks. Might as well visit PLDT in Seaside soon. I hope I can find a good deal that will fit my lifestyle.

  3. It's great that PLDT has now prioritized convenience to its customers. My family are longtime PLDT customers and I'm sure my Pops would be really happy to know about this.

  4. There's truly a great future of the Philippines woth PLDT's Smart Home. The store looks great and the new ways for customer service is convenient. I hope to visit soon!

  5. Finally! PLDT has a concept store! I wonder who they copied that from. Hmmmmmm.

  6. Definitely a good way to promote their innovations. I also hope they they will be fast in expand their fiber network and improve current reliability of services.

  7. Nice idea for PLDT to have that concept store. I just hope that the service they will provide will continue to improve .

  8. A concept store for all stories should be necessary. It's nice to see what they can offer.