RAMZY REVIEWS: "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves.

JUST TO WARN YOUR RIGHT OFF THE BAT: I love, LOVE how this movie looked. Even just the first couple of trailers, everything already looked super slick, and symmetrical, lots of clean, wide shots. Pretty much heaven for my tastes in cinematography, really. And with that being said. I would just like you to know...that there will be a whole lot more movie shots than the usual cause screw it, might as well share how good this movie looks with everyone as well.

The movie takes place before Episode IV if you're not familiar, and pretty much lays the groundwork for the events of the future Star Wars films. It starts of a little slow admittedly, but does pick up around the second act. The cast does a pretty good job overall, aside from Donnie Yen whose character I found a bit underutilized and at some points, slightly agitating. Alan Tudyk as the reprogrammed Imperial droid is snarky, and brings a decent air of comedic relief to the otherwise, gritty and serious film. But more importantly though, the lead heroine that we get out of Felicity Jones' character, Jyn Erso, is actually quite impressive. She's strong, capable, and very competent. And one thing I was honestly dreading, but happy that didn't get was for her to get a romantic relationship with the obvious male lead. It's a bit overdone, and more importantly, there really wasn't any prior establishment of the two's relationship with each other which would've made that kind of branch towards the story be detrimental to the movie as a whole.

Oh, and did I already mention how incredible the movie is shot??


I think I already did.

Still though...

Look at those shots...

Jumping off the cinephile-freak-out-train, I'd like to point out how unremarkable the score was. Which is probably because of two reasons. The first being that John Williams actually did not score this film, second is that it would seem as if the guy they got supposedly got put in at the 11th hour making his work on the movie a bit rushed because of being pressed for time.

Now, while I'd like to expand upon the story right about now. I never really spoil anything in my reviews, so I shall not be indulging myself. What I think I can say about it though is that if you think about it, this is a prequel. And considering you're going into this movie having already seen all, if not, at least the original trilogy, then you pretty much know already what's going to take place or at least how everything is gonna end up, right? Having said that, the movie still actually manages to keep things quite exciting! Yes, with this being a Disney movie for everyone and their grandmothers, we pretty much already know who's going to win in the end, but boy oh boy is the movie quite fun still. It gets decently tense at times, lots and lots of fantastic action sequences from foot soldiers battling it out on the gorgeous set-pieces, to your staple outer space ship dog fights. Come to think of it, aside from being the best-looking Star Wars movie to date in my opinion, it probably has the best action scenes out of all the movies from the franchise. The story is also tightly paced aside from a few lags in the beginning. Its pros pretty much outweighs its cons. Overall, it is rather good!

So if you're asking now, "Would you recommend it?"
And my answer would be a resounding "Yep. It's pretty good. Have fun kids."

Personal rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Wow.. I like the trailer but with your review makes me really want to watch it now!plus personal rating of 8.5.. it's pretty good.

  2. It was good enough for me as well and it is an excellent side story for the franchise. I hope they come up with one in the lull after Episode 8.

  3. Craaaaaaaaap! I haven't watched this movie YET! I have to go to Seaside and watch this ASAP!!!! At least I'm assured that the movie is good. Hehehe