Jullian of Utterly Random Techie and I attended a pretty small and kind of intimate gathering last week called the "Couch and Chips" which was held at A SPACE Cebu. He brought me along because he was told that the event was going to be related to film-making, so I gladly went!

I shall refrain from talking too much about the event in this post as Jullian already made a great coverage of the whole thing in his blog! Be sure to check that out for more details about the Couch and Chips event as well as the Globe Community!

Onto GIFF though. Director Quark Henares had a great talk discussing quite a few things. From insights about the show business, and other stuff, to Globe Studios and more importantly, the Globe Independent Film Festival which happens to be Globe's first foot in the door of cinema. It is designed to nurture emerging talents in the local film-making scene and provide a platform to achieve their creative vision. Living entirely in the online space, GIFF will feature fresh stories by the newest storytellers, rendered in innovative ways enabled by technology. 

It's an initiative that was kicked off a few months ago with five shorts from five different directors with names already quite established in the local scene. We watched all of the shortfilms during the event while we snuggled up in our beanbags. All of them I might add, are fantastic films on their own. So be sure to check them out below!

"Stop. Steady. Sayaw." by Dan Villegas

"An Open Door" by Paul Soriano

"Beshie" by Bb. Joyce Bernal

"Ang Painting ni Tatay" by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

"How to Find Love" by Quark Henares

Among the five shorts. Which one is your favorite?
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  1. I love all the short movies but my favorites are The Open Door (very timely) and the one with painting (kahilak ko, haha). The rest are sp fun and feel-good ones.

  2. Thanks for featuring our short yet sweet event on your blog, Ramzy! Really appreciate it!

    Thanks for dropping by as well, Rea. Glad you enjoyed the experience and we're hoping to visit Cebu again next year for another meet-up!

    Arnel ("Nelski B.")
    Globe Community

  3. I spent almost an hour in this blog today, just to see all the short films. Haha! They were great!

  4. Great films! and I'm glad that Globe has this community for independent film makers. Way to go!

  5. I did not regret bringing you to the event jud! The event itself was a blast and all the chitchat we had with the Globe Community people was glorious! Thanks for coming along, Ramzy :)

  6. I really hope that we can kick off our short film project na. It's good that Globe community is doing this.

  7. Hi Carlo! Wanna tell us more about this short film project of yours over at Globe Community? We're interested to hear about it.

  8. I like how they came up with this idea and I'm so happy. all these short movies have made my day. I think my favorite is the "How to find love".

  9. SO this is the event you guyz are talking about. With all fairness, the films were great and I didn't really know that Globe has this initiative. Kudos!

  10. Stop. Ready. Sayaw. is my favorite. <3 <3 <3