Join The Body Language Workshop with The Mental Assassin in Cebu

The folks from the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network are organizing an event that brings Justin Piñon aka The Mental Assassin for a one-day Body Language Workshop.  Justin Piñon is a Mentalist who goes by the moniker “Mental Assassin”. As a Mentalist, he can seem to read your mind and manipulate your behavior and your decisions. He does not claim that he possesses neither supernatural powers nor psychic abilities. However, he can figure out what you are thinking through the use of Psychology, his expertise at body language reading, hypnosis, suggestion and showmanship. You can see him perform at hotels, corporate events, media events, social gatherings, government events and private parties, and has performed for influential people, famous celebrities and personalities. He even performs at famous malls like TriNoma (where he was labeled “The Most sought after mind reader in the Philippines”), Power Plant, SM, bars and restaurants. [1]

Now as someone who grew up really introverted and socially-awkward, it wasn't until I was in my late-teens that I started actually learning how to act around people, specially strangers. Haha. Reading stuff about how body language is such a crucial part of it all, and how you project towards others was helpful, but it takes even greater expertise to go further and The Mental Assassin might just be the guy to help you get there.

I am not really claiming to be way above needing this seminar, in fact, I am very interested and will be attending it actually and am here writing this to encourage people to go as well! The importance of learning the techniques that will be taught during this seminar cannot be understated and will definitely be of big help with how you interact with people and develop relationships. Specially for us millenials where it seems like as technology advances further and further, we seem to be drifting farther away from each other when it comes to real-life interactions because everyone just texts, calls, chats, tweets, and whatever the hell else nowadays. To the point where some people actually can't or simply don't know how to properly communicate anymore. Which is why I really do think people from my generation should absolutely attend this seminar. As the workshop will really help improve your skills when it comes to projecting yourselves and reading the body language of other people whether it be friends, colleagues, people you're trying to impress, workmates, schoolmates or whoever. 

Attending this workshop can really help people.  Not only millenials, but we're still a big part of the demographic that would really benefit from it so wait no further and order your tickets! See you there!

Now I See You, Bai: The Body Language Advantage with Justin Pinon aka Mental Assassin will be held on November 26 at the 
J Center Mall Hyacinth Convention Hall.  
It has 2 sessions, one for students in the morning and an afternoon session with professionals.  
Tickets start 400 pesos for students and 700 for professionals.  Call/Text 0916-200-0160 or 0942-295-22-66 for ticket inquiries.  

Now I See You, Bai!

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  1. Body language is extremely important in communication. It can be easily misunderstood; although understandably, some people are not really aware of their body language or don't mind it at all. When used appropriately, it can certainly yield remarkable results. I wasn't able to attend this event but I wanted to.. hope next time naa pa.

  2. I wanted to join this event, but naa man ko katkat ani gud. Thankfully, you guys shared a little bit of what you learned to us during our laag sa Starbucks so okay lang. Hehe

  3. Magical! Wala ko kaapil but nakat-on ra sad ko unsay inyong nahibaw-an.

  4. Wow, I somehow regret that I didn't attend this event cause it's very interesting and fun. I'll surely attend next time if I get the chance. Anyway, naka kat on pud mi gamay cause you guys shared what you have learned.

  5. Sayang! I could have attended this event but I wanted to catch up on my blog. I ended up attending the Spread event and that one seemed boring. I'm hoping he'll do another one soon!

  6. Why I didn't attend this? aah..but I know I have my reason but my first perspective why I didn't attend.. I thought it was boring but I was surprise during HIBSTER party.. you learned a lot.. :(

  7. I missed this! Mind reading is amazing, and he's hands down and expert for that. And I am glad you had a lot, you learned and applied some of the lessons he taught. Hopefully, if time allows, I'd like to research this body language reading because it's amazing haha

  8. The seminar was quite fun. Most of us know the basics but we have not perfected the execution. The Body Language Seminar was a great way of reming us all how to develop the non-verbal communication skills.

  9. I'm so jealous of you guyz. I just wish mag time travel ko then maka attend ko ani na seminar. Body language is really an important factor in communication. huhu mayta naa pay lain sessions like this.