Cherry Prepaid is the newest mobile prepaid service from Cherry Philippines. Powered by Globe Telecom, it aims to be a game-changer in the mass market mobile connectivity that combines high quality mobile phones and prepaid service into one affordable package. And they mean business. Business in the sense that they intend to really compete in the more mass-friendly prepaid offerings. As of the moment, specially here in Cebu. We were invited to a press lunch last week where they unveiled their latest promos that will be exclusive only here in Cebu until the end of the year.

Here are their fantastic offers!
TRITEXT5 – For P5, Cherry Prepaid subscribers can text all-day to other Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM subscribers for 1 day
• CMSURF20 – For P20, Cherry Prepaid subscribers have 200MB to surf in the internet for 7 days
 CMUNLI15 – For P15, Cherry Prepaid subscribers can call & text all-day to Cherry Prepaid subscribers + all-day Facebook for 1 day.

Exclusive Cebu Offer:
FREE CALL & TEXT to Cherry Prepaid for 3 months. Cherry Prepaid subscribers in Cebu can enjoy free call (up to 300mins) and all-day texts to any Cherry Prepaid number until December 31, 2016. 
- To register, just text CPFREE to 1236.

They even offer rewards!
• Every subscriber who loads up to P50, will gain a P10 Bonus Load reward. That’s every time they cumulatively load P50. The Bonus Load can be used for Texts to all networks, Cherry Prepaid calls, and mobile internet only.

What are Cherry Prepaid’s features?
• The Cherry Prepaid SIM has a pre-load of 50 texts to all networks for 2 days, and Free Facebook for 2 days upon Sim or phone bundle activation. 

What are the Cherry Mobile phone models that come with Cherry Prepaid SIM?
• CP1 Bar Phone (Lite Bundle)
• Astro Smartphone (Big Time Bundle)
Comet smartphone C+ CP2 Bar Phone (Partner Bundle)
• CS100 – Cherry Prepaid mobile hotspot device

Exclusive for Cebu:
 CP2 Bar Phone (Lite Bundle 2.0)
• BONUS CALL 120: Free 60mins. TRI-NET calls per month for 12 months + Additional free 60mins. TRI-NET calls when you load P20 per month for 12 months
• Comet Smartphone (Big Time Bundle 2.0)
• BONUS SURF 350: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 250MB when you load up to P50 per month for 12 months
 J1s Smartphone (J1s Bundle)
• BONUS SURF 600: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 500MB when you load up to P100 per month for 12 months

So with all of that in mind, it's safe to say the Cherry Prepaid for sure has one of the most bang for the buck offers for data. It's super affordable and has quite a long validity! Be sure to grab one of their bundles or even their SIM at any Cherry Mobile outlet or kiosk, and selected Telco tiangge's. The Cherry Prepaid SIM retails at only P29, our handsets are as low as P399 which already comes with a free Cherry Prepaid SIM, and our offers go as low as P5 for an all-day texting to three networks. You can definitely count on me trying it out as they were kind enough to actually hand each of us one of their bundles!

I'd like to thank the folks from Cherry Mobile again for inviting us along, and to you for taking the time to check this post out! :)

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  1. Special feature: my face while eating. :D To compensate for the lack of jawline, I grew a beard. HAHAHA!

    Cebuanos should definitely get the offers while they last. :D

  2. I will definitely switch soon! I'm getting tired of my current network. So expensive yet unreliable internet connection. I hope Cherry is THE ONE.

  3. Big Time is like the perfect Christmas gift to people. They should sell it to large companies. All employees with free phone under one network would be great.

  4. This is great news! I am going to purchase one sim anytime soon! :)

  5. It's great that we Cebuanos have more options for a sim now. Too bad my phone's Smart -locked. Hahaha

  6. Cherry Prepaid truly is a great option for people who are on a strict budget and need to connect to the internet. It's also a nice Christmas gift. Hehe.

  7. First time to here this but they really have fab promos! Whoah! Better than TM!


  8. Oh my gosh, for just 400 I could already get a basic Cherry phone. I really love them for being so affordable!

  9. After reading your blog post, it appears that I'm attempting to try this new product of cherry, this sounds to be a good choice.
    I'm certain that there will be more people who will grab this. Kudos to Cherry for providing this product, aside from it is affordable it is a great alternative for people who are seeking for something where they can save money.

  10. If I have the chance to switch, why not? This post is so convincing ;)

  11. Good news for everyone esp the cebuanos. Kudos to Cherry for partnering with Globe and always providing an affordable offers to the masses. If only they offer better units plus these rewards and promos, it could be a home run for them in their targeted market.

  12. This is a very tempting offer. I might brought this one up toy sis since she's looking fir a new phone. Kudos to Cherry for bringing this to Cebu!

  13. In reading this blog its really the right time to switch its about the affordable bundles and exclusive offers to cebuanos

  14. Why switch if I could buy one nalang along with my iPhone haha char datu! Pero bitaw my point is they are really affordable but still offering reasonable amount of internet data and prepaid load. Kudos to Cherry!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  15. It's a no-brainer! Their bundles are worth it! Very affordable and loaded with features and freebies!


  16. I would probably not switch, but I will surely have one sim, my phone is a dual sim and the second slot is still available. :)

  17. If you're looking for budget phones (especially as a gift to someone who's not that techie this Christmas), this Cherry Mobile is something to consider jud. :)

  18. Budget phones are my go to for SUN or as a hot spot device

  19. This is budget friendly especially to students like me. Hopefully someone will give me this as gift for Christmas. 🙏🏿