Probably the leading online content provider in the country, iflix provides quite a hefty serving when it comes to the sheer quality and quantity of their service and content. And as someone who takes pride in being able to consume a humongous amount of media. having access to a library as ample as iflix's is pretty much paradise for myself, and I'm guessing a lot of others out there as well!

So below, I will be listing down just 5 reasons why I think iflix is the place to be, and the platform to watch your movies, and shows on.

1. Super affordable @ P129.00/month

Compared to other popular streaming services such as:
- HOOQ @ 199.00/month
- Netflix starts @ P370.00/month

Iflix's pricing is definitely for everyone! Whether you're a broke guy in his early 20's like myself, a student trying to save up on your allowance, a parent looking for a source of cartoons and kids shows for their kids, at only P129.00 per month, you can't argue that it isn't worth it, right? 

They also offer a 30-day Free Trial if you just wanna test it out. They accept Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard) or you can also avail a subscription via your ISP's promos. P99.00/month if you're a PLDT/Smart Subscriber, and free if you're a PLDT Fibr subscriber!


With over 30,000 hours of content, 500+ Hollywood movies and over 600 seasons of TV, including local and regional Asian content (including independent films). Plus if you're a big fan of Mr. Robot like yours truly, they are doing us such a good service of actually keeping up with the latest episodes that are still coming out! Just how awesome is that?!

3. Watch anywhere, anytime! Even without internet!
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Another fantastic feature that the offer is their Download & Watch Offline feature which specifically accommodates users without a steady internet connection 24/7. So let's say, you're going some place that unfortunately does not have an internet connection, while you still have access to data or wifi, you can simply just save/download whatever it is that you wish on saving to watch for later! I've personally used this feature several times and it really is a blessing of a feature to have.

4. Connect up to 5 devices, AT THE SAME TIME.

This means you can actually login to 5 different devices, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and whatever it is that either has access to their official app, or a decent internet browser. And actually, this also means that you can "share" your subscription with close friends or loved ones so you can save on the bill! More common sense than a life-hack, but a pretty great thing to have nonetheless!

5. You can win a 1-Year subscription from me! 

The wonderful folks from iflix Philippines were kind enough to hand me a few voucher codes that you can use to get a whole year of free subscription for iflix! I know it says that the giveaway ends on September 19, but it's actually a bit more on the tentative side, and I also wanted to give more people a chance to win one of the 3 codes before the month ends. 

And that's about it for now! I'm quite sure there are way more reasons why iflix is the platform of choice to watch stuff on in our country, but I'll leave the rest to you! If you've managed to use it and can think of other reasons why, then do leave a comment below! Thanks so much for checking this post out, be sure to roam around my blog some more and check out other stuff that might tickle your fancy!

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  1. I guess somebody is going to invite someone to go Iflix and chill one of these days. Who will you invite for Iflix and chill then?

  2. iflix is one of the most intriguing yet great streaming services yet! Netflix gets boring after going through their original content. iflix even has the most recent seasons of The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham!

    Note that the download offline only works sa iflix apps. :)

    Nice list by the way!
    - Jullian, www.utterlyrandomtechie.com