Last Saturday was the Second Official Meetup for the Cebu Mechanical Keybord Enthusiasts Community! Same as the first one, it's just a bunch of cool folks with the same passion towards mechanical keyboards hanging around, getting to know each other and their boards. The event still is pretty chill and laidback, specially since we managed to get a big enough table in a coffee shop (we made sure to distance the food and drinks enough from the boards though!). It really was like some friends having a great time with each other, asking and answering questions, and just geeking out super hard. Haha. 

Poker II (MX Clear, Granite Set)
Clueboard Numpad Kit (Zealios)
B.face X2 (Gateron Red, Tai-Hao Sunshine Set)
Realforce 91U JIS
Triple-threat HHKB (Stock White/Gray, Black, and Black Type-S)
Dragon War Atomos (Kailh Blue)
Switch Testers! (Varmilo, Max Keyboard)
Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma (Razer Green)
Clueboard Numpad (Zealios)
SIIG MiniTouch (Alps Clicky Clone)
One of the guys trying to pocket an HHKB. Hahaha.
B.87 X2 (Gateron Green)

E-Element 87 (Outemu Blue)

CM Storm Quickfire TK (MX Red)

Ducky 9008 G2 Pro (MX Red, Ducky PBT Keycap Set Cream Cheese and Green)

Ducky Shine 2 (MX Blue, Ducky White ABS Set)

Some stuff that we received for the meetup! The caps and stickers were given by some folks from our local community, while the Clueboard Numpad was from skullydazed himself! Huge shoutout to him and the guys who sent over the awesome stuff! 
Check out more of Clueboard over at

Yet again, meetups like these continue to be nothing short of a blast. We all ended the meetup all having a great time hanging out with each other and were all so glad how successful and fun the whole affair was! In behalf of the community as a whole, I would like to give the biggest thanks to everyone who showed up and participated! As well as the nice folks who sent over stuff! More power to the local mechanical keyboard scene!

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