Last Saturday, myself, along with some other blogger friends from CBC got invited to the SilverStone PH Product Press Launch party over at Ginza Japanese Restaurant in Banilad.

SilverStone Technology for those who are not in the know, is an established leader in computer technology ever since 2003. They design and manufacture computer enclosures, power supplies and PC accessories, and pride themselves in providing products that become a source of inspiration to techies, gamers and computer enthusiasts everywhere. The Taiwan-based company is well-known for their PC casings or enclosures, which are a whole new level above the typical utilitarian varieties currently in the market. Advanced technologies and aesthetic appeal are integrated with functional capabilities to create end products that are enjoyable to use. Their creative designs can also withstand long use and maintain a cool environment for the entire system.

We got to take a close look at their wide array of new products! As somewhat of a PC-enthusiast myself, I felt right at home being there with folks who were as passionate as I was when it come's to PC technology. But more importantly, towards the company the whole event was for: SilverStoneTek. Their line of chassis, power supplies, coolers, accessories and a whole lot more were all on display for the guests to check out.

Primera Series PM01WA-W
Primera Series: PM01BR-W

Redline Series: RL05
Sugo Series (top-bottom): SG12 & SG11

Raven Series: RVZ01

Various Micro-ATX cases
Stider Titanium: ST80F-TI 800W
SFX: SX550 550W
Various heatsinks and coolers.
CPU01 Reversible USB Cable for phones & tablets

SilverStone Marketing Manager Tony Ou
Oh, and did I mention I also won a brand new PSU during the raffle? :D

Strider Essential Bronze ST50F-ESB 500W

And they also had a VR Demo going on to highlight how compatible SilverStone's products were to this technology that is definitely going to be part of the future.
The super slim and slick VR-capable rig courtesy of Cebu Appliance Center
The VR-device itself: the HTC Vive
Alive with the Vive!
SilverStone’s products are suitable not only for gamers with a heavy requirement when it comes to hardware and software but for BPOs who operate 24/7 and even designers and technical professionals who are heavy PC users. The company is also one of the world’s number one producers of power supplies. The key to SilverStone’s state-of-the-art power supplies is its reliability to perform in harsh environments. Here in the Philippines, the tropical climate proves to be a challenge for today's
high tech computers and especially with the heavily fluctuating electricity, which can easily destroy not only computers but any electrical appliance we may have at home or in the office. As information and communication technologies grow even more in Cebu, there is an increasing demand for quality
functional equipment within the industry. 

According to Marketing Manager Tony Ou: 
“We are very excited to expand our distribution in Cebu and introduce SilverStone’s latest products to the people of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. For 2016, we are also going to release lifestyle products designed for mobile devices so I am very thankful that the company has achieved one of our goals with the help of our partners who believed in us and share our goal of providing the Filipino people with quality products." 

Currently, SilverStone products are available all over the globe, not just for ICT-related functions but also for home entertainment and everyday use. The company ensures that their innovative expertise is delivered to all products with consistency, in response to user’s needs, and with maximum user satisfaction. Experience a new level of computer technology at your fingertips! 

The folks behind the Philippine division of SilverStone! (From Left To Right): Jeremy Laran (Fine Upgrades Product Manager), Shieny C. Yu ( FU's Chief Finance Officer), Ryan Yu ( FU's Managing Director), Janice Villena ( FU's Sales Head-IT Products), Mr. Tony Ou ( Marketing Manager of Silverstone), Ms. Jenny and Ms. Laney of Silverstone Team.

For more information, visit their website at And also make sure to visit their Facebook page over at for more frequent updates! Make sure to like the page as well!

I would like to thank SilverStone PH and FineUpgrades for tagging us along for the event. My now 3-year-old PC rig actually uses a couple of SilverStone parts such as their White PS08 Micro-ATX case, and their Strider Essential Silver PSU and I'm very proud to say that they have never failed me in terms of quality, and specially for the very reasonable price that I got them for at the time. But in the very near future when I do finally settle for an upgrade, you can definitely bet there will still be a few SilverStone components to it! :)

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