FLICK #8: "Daredevil" Season 2

I have not been able to watch a lot of movies lately because most of my free time during the past week was spent going through the thirteen hour-long episodes of Daredevil's new season. That's certainly not a complaint because I very much enjoyed the whole duration of my time watching this season.

First off, this season is surely a notch better than the last one in terms of pacing--as one of the complaints the first season usually gets is that "it feels like it drags"--and the amount and quality of the fight scenes was vastly improved upon as well being that we now have three different heroes to follow which leads me to my next point: Charlie Cox gives a solid performance as Daredevil on par with how he was on season one, if not, maybe even better. Elodie Yung who plays Elektra was pretty decent as well, although I do have a complaint about the overall plot becoming confusing without any satisfying payoff with all of the secret-ninja-mystic stuff that would go on everytime she comes on screen, and how the plot with her and Daredevil doesn't really intertwine well with the other narrative that was going on...which is the introduction of John Bernthal as The Punisher, who is my absolute favorite, not only for this season, but probably for the entirety of the show. I've seen a few of the previous takes on The Punisher on screen, but Bernthal's portrayal takes the cake and blasts it to smithereens with a double-barreled pump-action shotgun. So if you've already seen the show (which I would assume you have if you're reading this), you'll know that the episodes were laid out with the first few episodes being sort of a mini Punisher-focused arc, and then Elektra was introduced for another arc, then the two storylines both increased in importance and converged, to an extent,,,which unfortunately, did not go together well and ultimately felt unsatisfying as the two arcs just went on two very distant directions. There was an attempt to have them merge in the end, but it just  wasn't justified. One thing is also the number of moments that the show had which fall into the most tropey-cliches. If you remember the dialog between the two characters before the final rooftop scene, you know what I'm talking about. The romance aspect between some of the characters in the show also didn't have any natural feel to them and felt a bit shoe-horned in some ways.

To sum up my complaints; I just felt like the plot went on two distant tangents which had no way of complementing each other in the end to a gratifying level. Plus, there were just some moments where my suspension of disbelief was challenged a few times too many. Aside from that, I still highly enjoyed the ride that this season took me for. I certainly prefer it to the first season. So if you liked season one, then you will enjoy this even more. Our new, not-so-super heroes do really well on most fronts and drive this season of the show to a much leaner, and faster-paced narrative. It is done quite wonderfully, and certainly leagues better than its other Marvel-licensed counterparts that are on network television. Not being held back by anything does wonders to a show that features The Punisher. I could definitely imagine the censorship that would've occurred had this been on network television and let me tell you, that would have sucked big time. Season two was really good. Although the finale was kind of all over the place to be honest. As I've mentioned, it got really cliche and tropey, and was really predictable. But other than that, the season was still pretty great and was definitely an improvement to season one.

Personal rating: 8/10

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