RAMZY REVIEWS: "Captain America: Civil War"

"Captain America: Civil War" is really more like "Avengers Version 2.1" wherein it feels much like an upgraded version of the previous film as a whole, with the majority of the heroes still present. The premiere that I got to attend had a real hush-hush thing going on in that we were made to leave our phones outside and were repeatedly told not to film any of the movie and also to not disclose any major details regarding the movie which actually works out well for me because I never give out spoilers in my reviews! So the first one to die is--I kid, I kid.

"Tony, this whole feud is sooo not fetch."
I am going to keep this as brief as possible while still maintaining a thick veil of vagueness to again, not spoil anything, because I care about you guys. So first off, the action, is absolutely top-notch in terms of choreography and placement, or how the pieces just fall into the perfect place amidst all the chaos just in time to have some fantastic scenes, I could not help but bounce up and down my seat out of sheer excitement, joy, and awe while witnessing some of those fight scenes! As I overheard from what sounded like a relatively old gentleman on one of the rows in ahead of me "This....this is so awesome.". He was pretty somber about it, he didn't shout it or anything. But thinking about it, the emotion behind that statement alone meant so much. Now, let's take a step back here. It certainly is not the best, but I have yet to see another superhero movie of this immensity accomplish the things that this movie did in terms of technicality, cohesiveness, and emotion. It may not be the absolute best, but can certainly stand proud among them. Those fight scenes were just so well-made and just mesh in together marvelously. One nitpick would be the shaky-cam during some of the fight sequences though as I felt there was just a biiit too much of that going on. But, that is easily forgiven and the movie makes up for that and then some more. 

"Steve, stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It is not going to happen."
As I have mentioned above, this movie feels like and upgraded version of "Avengers 2", what I forgot to say is that it also feels so much like "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". The movie possesses that serious and almost thriller-esque tone but expertly sprinkled with the humor and gags that come with the preceding Avenger movies and Marvel films in general, much credit to the Russo brothers for handling a movie of this magnitude with such prowess. Those guys and their team just outdid themselves. So huge kudos. Now I will not get into specifics but I'll just leave you with the statement that there's a certain character who brings in the most fun to this movie. I'm not totally sure of my opinion of him exactly, although I'm more keen on swinging to the opinion of liking that character. Hm... The cast is...well, still great, but nothing really note-worthy anymore as the quality of the acting has been pretty consistent amongst all MCU movies, and that still holds true for this one. Also, the movie is just perfectly paced in my humble opinion. Or at the very least when I think about it now, I can't recall a moment in the entire time watching it where I either felt like it was moving too fast, or too slow. There were some oddness as to how this movie manages its different acts--which again, I will not specify, you'll probably know what I mean when you see it yourself--where the movie felt like it was going to end near what turned out to be only the middle act. I might have to watch this a few more times in order to get a better hold of its pacing. But regardless, it didn't really have any negative effects towards my opinion of the movie overall.

Lastly, the beats that this movie takes, I feel, still leaves a bit to be desired. Going into it, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen in the tradition of abstaining from watching any trailers (aside from the first teasers, probably) and reading any leaked info, rumors or even theories. So I practically went in blind. And while it was really, really good overall, to be honest, I'm starting to really get that superhero fatigue and kind of want a refreshing take on the whole concept really soon before I completely burn out. Aside from that it was still amazing though!

"Dude give the remote baaack!
"Captain America: Civil War" is arguably the boldest, most ambitious, and best Marvel movie to date. It takes the best features from all its predecessors, and runs hard with it. Go see it! I mean...err, who am I kidding, you probably have the tickets already. Enjoy! And thanks for reading my review of what might be the biggest movie of the year. :)

Personal rating: 9.5/10 

I'd like to give a shoutout to Marvel Philippines, SM Cinema, SM Seaside City Cebu
and to Naomi of JugsandPugs.com for the opportunity to catch this movie during 
its exclusive premier! Looking forward to more! Thank you so much! :D

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