The movie trailer culture is annoying. 

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The well-spread screenshot that inspired me to write this post.
The fact that they have to show you what happens, who shows up and even at times serve you what amounts to be the whole story of the movie really spoils it for those who care and would much rather go into a movie blind and experience the surprise you'd get from watching a movie that you almost have no idea about other than hearing that it's good and maybe reading a line or two from its hopefully-non-spoiler synopsis. There's a certain bliss in simply knowing that the movie you're about to go into is good and not know anything about it beforehand, to just sit there and experience everything yourself for the very first time. It's my absolute favorite aspect of any movie-going experience because it just makes the experience so much better.

I understand the intent behind it but I would confidently stand by the notion that we would do much better without it because it promotes and drives over-exposure, which is never good. I actually find it pretty insulting. As if I can't possibly be convinced to try something I don't know everything about. We are being cheated by losing most of a film's magic before we have even seen it, and I think that's quite sad. The fact that you need to make a conscious effort of avoiding things being hurled at you by the marketing team in order to enjoy something the way you want it to, can be a tiresome experience in of itself. 

There are quite a few exceptions though, and a wonderful example would be "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" and how the marketing for that movie was run. No one knew anything! They showed you cool action scenes and the new characters, yet you still had no idea what the hell was going on. And that's awesome cause when you finally watch it and see that the movie is actually really good, it feels fucking awesome. Everything feels so fresh. And that's what I love the most! Seeing everything for the first time and witnessing it with child-like wonder and awe is probably one of the greatest joys in life.

So from now on, I urge you, that if you see an upcoming movie that piques your interest, try not to look up anything about it! Avoid trailers like the plague, just keep an eye out for the spoiler-free reviews (IMDB, RottenTomatoes, and MetaCritic are my go-to) only to know how good it is, and when it comes out, go see it! I know it's really tempting to check out the latest trailer because you're dying to see how your favorite characters brought to life would look like, or how your favorite actor looks like in that costume or what have you! But it would be worlds better to simply abstain from any material relating to the movie, and just see it blind, new, and fresh.

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