FLICK #7: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

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Flick #7: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

The "We-Need-To-Get-Some-Of-That-Superhero-Assembly-Franchise-Money-ASAP" Trio

Before anything, I need to get something off my chest. This movie needs to be the ultimate poster child for how a trailer that reveals pretty much everything can ruin the intrinsic experience of a movie. They basically ruined it with the reveal of Wonder Woman, Doomsday, and the entire Superman versus Batman fight from those trailers. These were crucial moments that would have been really great to witness first hand had we not known about them even before sitting to watch the movie. What a bummer, and a sorely missed opportunity that I will keep on criticizing and defending.

Time and time again, the point I was trying to make on this post gets proven stronger and stronger...
Moving on with what I thought of the movie! Well, for one, I didn't think it was that bad. I kind of went in expecting a glorious train-wreck, but was instead happily surprised in a way! I mean, yes, it jumped around a bit more than I would have liked, and being that they tried to accomplish and cram way too much for one movie, it ended up being a total mess. To put it in terrible analogies, instead of a train-getting-derailed catastrophe that would've killed hundreds, it got down-scaled to a car crashing into a tree which may or may not have had a handful of fatalities. It wasn't as horrible as it could've gotten, but there certainly were problems with the film in terms of its core writing, direction, editing, and pacing, but again, the movie to me wasn't nearly as bad as some made it out to be.

I thought Affleck was a great Batman. Christian Bale was pretty good, but 'Batfleck' is not to be fucked with. Cavill as Superman was okay, I guess, nothing really to write home about, Eisenberg as gave a decent performance as Luthor but ultimately felt miscast, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I was quite pleased with aside from her character feeling somewhat shoehorned into the movie just for the sake of putting together the Justice League in a hurried rush (*cough* that email though*cough cough*).

The movie was for sure a visual spectacle, but this being a Snyder film, we are again handed the issue of having a significant absence of any coherent substance that would have upped the movie's competence and overall quality to a much respectable level. And as someone who's familiar, and is a fan of the source material they were pulling from, I would have to say I was pleased enough with how this movie turned out. But...not as happy and contented as I would've been had there been someone else to helm this movie and guide it to a better direction. Here's hoping DC gets its shit together and produce a better film to represent their roster of heroes in the immediate future.

Personal rating: 6/10

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