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I feel like an idiot a bit silly for waiting this long to finally see this movie after it did its rounds among my circle of friends and colleagues a few years back. With almost everyone recommending it to the next person they see and then chanting "ALL IS WEEELLLL!" like dorks. To be honest, it was exactly that which killed it for me. You know when people get too excited about a thing and just can't stop raving about it to your face which do nothing except turn you away from it? That's pretty much what I went through in a nutshell. Oh and there's also the assumption of it having a ton of musical numbers (which I'm not a big fan of) being a Bollywood movie which took away a substantial amount of whatever appeal it might've had to me beforehand. Anyway, quite recently (with the aid of my girlfriend's friendly assertion) I decided "WHY NOT?" and finally gave it a long time coming shot.

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The movie starts off slow establishing the it's characters and the track it will be putting them through throughout its hefty duration. That of which is one of my major complaints about this film and just about every movie I've seen that came out of Bollywood. It felt like it was twice as long as it should've been. I really don't get the need to stretch out movies. It just dilutes what could've been a nice and compact enjoyable story and makes it overstay its welcome. This is a serious critique as I really would've enjoyed this movie even more had it been halved its actual runtime. Overall, the movie is quite dramatized, sentimental and melodramatic. While it is all-embracingly charming, it does suffer the common issues you would quite often have for movies crafted and aimed more towards pleasing the general masses than to convey a concise and well-rounded narrative. These are personal qualms but could be argued to be objective as I tried to be as impartial as possible. That it's kinda drags, and badly enough suffers from being "Hollywood-ized" ("Bollywoodized"?) where some things simply occur without any rational reasoning aside from being convenient in advancing the plot. To put it short: it's basically lazy writing, and that's never good.

All those assessments aside, I still very much enjoyed it. As was mentioned, it's pretty charming, and hilarious at times. The cast is highly energetic and has some decent enough chemistry resulting to some relatively delightful and humorous sequences. I actually laughed out loud a handful of times during the whole thing. When the credits start rolling you're left with that nice warm. giddy feeling. The movie is wholly competent and the criticisms I've referred to do not end up hurting the experience of watching it that much. So whether you're looking for a quick throwback movie to watch (assuming you've already seen it before), or if you have also never seen it and are looking for a nice, light-hearted comedy and have some free time (2hrs. 50mins to be precise), then this movie might be for you. Thanks for reading along! Tune in next week as I will be finally taking the time to watch "The Revenant". Let's find out what I think about it until then! :)

Personal rating: 7.5/10

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