FLICK #4: "Deadpool " - 52 FLICKS FOR 52 WEEKS

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I can't think of any other way to start this of by saying that I came into this movie with certain expectations and had those expectations met pretty well by the end of the movie! Aside from having one of the strongest and most on-point marketing in the history of films, this movie was pretty kickass and awesome to put it gently, and I was very much entertained by the movie overall. Of course this is the penultimate diversion from the typical goody two-shoes comicbook hero movies that have been coming out of Hollywood ever since someone picked up a comicbook and decided to make a film out of that. The super-snarky, sarcastic and sassy tone that the movie's lead protrudes throughout its duration along with the seemingly endless fire of fourth-wall breaking quips gives this movie a very refreshing and enjoyable feel. Being somewhat familiar with the character beforehand, I was already anticipating those factors to come into play, the only question was how well it was going to be executed in the final product, and I have to say that they handled that amazingly. The fully-packed theater that I saw it with and I were almost dying of laughter at a minute-to-minute basis. The humor did not end up being as try-hard and "LOL SO RANDOM!!1" as I was dreading, and the film actually had a lovely amount of heart amidst all of the comic relief which is a big, big plus in my opinion as you can never go wrong with some additional and often times much-needed character depth.

deadpool, deadpool review, deadpool download, deadpool hd, deadpool movie

As I've mentioned to my girlfriend almost immediately after the movie, I have to give a huge kudos to Ryan Reynolds (who's just born to play the part, really, holy shit) and everyone else involved in making the movie. I've heard of this project for around quite a few years now with it being stuck in development hell at first and slowly and painstakingly-crawling its way upwards the movie-making pipes, and finally up to where it's at now. Way to fucking go guys! I am so pumped and glad to see this movie be doing so well and am definitely looking forward to more in the future with a sequel already being confirmed!

Some critiques I have about the movie though involves the main villain of the movie and how his motivations felt a bit off and how he had really nothing much going on. I also feel like they could've probably spent more time on Deadpool than Wade Wilson. I just felt like the movie spent a bit too much of its course building up who Deadpool was before the whole unkillable merc in a sexy red suit act that the rest of the movie felt just a bit short to be quite honest. But nonetheless, it still didn't really pull too much from the experience overall, and was by no means detrimental to the film as I was still laughing all the way through.

"Deadpool" is just loads and LOADS of fun. Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool, as Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man. He is just absolutely perfect and was born to play the part. This movie may just be the most comic book accurate portrayal of a character ever. Great and superbly-fun movie! It is by no means, just a great action comicbook flick, but is also one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time! I'm not sure if it's for everyone, though as it is quite gorey and mature being a Rated R (locally R-16) movie. But if you happen to be mature enough to get to watch the movie and can handle the violence, then definitely go watch this movie for a great time.

Personal rating: 8.5/10

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