We spent this past Friday night doing something a little different. No, not partying or anything,  but instead, something more productive for once--the DigitalPro Blogging Bootcamp that I blogged about just a few days ago finally kicked off and it was nothing short of a blast, both experience and information-wise.

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The bootcamp was just filled to the brim with topics care of Mr. Ruben Licera. From dense and broad ideologies on how to do the whole blogging thing, to simple and raw "hacks" in becoming more efficient and sharp at it.  Now,  I will not be expounding on the nitty-gritty of what was discussed because most of my colleagues who also wrote about the event already did that, but rather, will instead make a more brief, somewhat reflective piece about what I picked up from the first session which lasted for around five hours or so--each hour being condensed as possible in the best and most engaging fashion. 

First thing to hit me as it began was that... I basically knew little to nothing. Which is very much humbling but always exciting because I love the experience of getting to learn new things and broadening my intellectual horizon. Most especially on something I strongly feel for and would love to become better at; blogging, that is. 

Now the most crucial and important point driven from beginning to end was the transition from being hobbyists so-to-speak, into becoming professionals when it comes to running our respective blogs. The hardships and challenges, and how to overcome them. The difference between being an amateur and being an expert. Being someone who simply does it for a past time out of passion, to being someone who instead gets to make a living out of it. Earning to do what we love is the dream after-all. 

Changing from being someone who runs a blog about a certain niche, into becoming a brand, an entity, even an authority of that market by setting your mind in what you love writing and expressing about most and specializing upon it. 

I found everything very concisely and clearly laid out. Never once did I have a hard time getting a grasp of the points being thrown at us, as they were all elaborated upon very well and if there were questions, all of which where also addressed promptly. It is without question that I am very much looking forward to the next sessions. I'd like to personally thank Mr. Ruben, Mr. Bjorn and to the folks of the Cebu Bloggin CommunityeStratMedia, Global Hub Serviced Offices, and Globe Prepaid for breathing life to this whole thing. Super excited for more so you'll surely be seeing it on my different posts for the next month or so! That's it for now. Thanks so nuch for stopping by!