As you are probably quite aware by now, I'm part of the DigitalPro Blogging Bootcamp care of the Cebu Blogging Community, eSTRATmedia, Global Hub and Globe Prepaid. I've already posted about our first session in which I contemplated and about what I picked up from it. Well, one of the activities during said bootcamp is for us to feature our fellow bootcampers. Something I've always thought to be cool to do. And which is what I'll be doing now! 

The way I've designed this series was to ask them about certain questions that sort of relates to what I mainly post about here on my blog. And that is Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Books. And each feature post that I will be doing on them will basically feature their answers so we can all get to know more about them!

No better way to jumpstart this whole thing other than featuring Mr. Carlo Olano, the man behind Cebu's top food blog - Carlo is a pretty expressive and smart guy who's a lot of fun to be around with for sure. And on top of all, he runs the best and most active pure food blog in all of Cebu!

And with that, let's get on with the questions!

Carlo's Favorites:

MOVIE: "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy"
"I was an RPG and Simulation games addict when I was younger. I just love the idea of elves, dwarves, wizards, warriors, and horsemen in a movie.  It was like my favorite RPG came alive and became a movie. I just love the depth of the storyline. The characters, the plot, and the battles makes it a movie that I will never get bored watching."

TV SERIES: "Game of Thrones"
"You know I love Knights and that stuff. I grew up paying 'Heroes of Might and Magic'. I always want to have a kingdom. I love the story. I like following the storylines of the Starks. I also love the villains of that show and how they make death scenes so memorable."

GAME: "Madden NFL"
"I always fantasize that one day I will own a sports team and Madden is the closest to the real thing for me. The franchise mode just gave me a lot of sleepless nights before. I just like handling my favorite franchise and lead it to a dynasty."

BOOK: "How to Sell Anything to Anybody" by Joe Girard
"I became a head of a sales team so I needed some references to train my young salespeople. It is a super fun read for sales people. I believe that sales is a life skill and to a certain degree everyone should know how to sell in order to excel in life."

 Who knew that Cebu's leading food blogger is actually a huge fan of the fantasy genre aside from being well-versed in the marketing business as well! I actually had no idea prior to asking him these! Haha. Anyway, that was pretty awesome, wasn't it? 

For more, do visit him at KALAMICEBU.COM as well as his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus!

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