Whether it's slaving in the office, or on schoolwork, one thing those two and a bunch of other menial tasks have in common is make you feel rusty and just out of it after a while. I, for one get in an almost regular phase of wishing for a chance to be able to do something fun and well--hype. Something to shake off that lack of life and energy that you get from working hard nonstop.

Time to throw away all that baggage and stress by partying your socks off and come off with the most ridiculous and "holyshiii-DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" type of memories afterwards!

One of the events I've been keeping a close eye on for this year is "HYPER WONDERLAND" care of the wonderful folks of HYPER CEBU. Below, I'll be including some stuff containing all the details you will need to know about!

What's even more cool and what sets HYPER CEBU apart is its volunteer-ran charity cause by which proceeds go to certain beneficiaries for every HYPER event. This coming HYPER WONDERLAND, the profit will be benefitted by the Dancesport Team Cebu City and certain JCI Cebu projects this year. Every after Hyper event follows a charity event participated by the volunteers themselves which fulfills the true purpose of the consortium.

HYPER WONDERLAND is ready to blast off an ecstatic event as every party goer is at their highest peak during the mother of all Philippine festivals, Sinulog. Check out their Facebook page: HYPER CEBU to get updates on ticket pre-selling and their Tee-Kit package (ticket plus Sinulog Kit) in partnership with Epic Festival Solutions. Gates will open at 2 PM and party all night as it runs through a non-stop rave for 15 hours.

If you already have your tickets, then that's awesome. If not, what are you even waiting for? Go get 'em! See you when the beat drops!

HyperWonderland Sinulog 2016
Prepare for take off as we get into the wildest, grandest and the most WONDERFUL Hyper Cebu event in history! Hitting the 2016 Sinulog Festival, Hyper Cebu together with JCI Cebu Inc. brings you HYPER WONDERLAND. Get ready to get lost into the wilderness of the NEON JUNGLE as the Hyper party crashes into the Queen City this January 17, 2016. Stay tuned to know more on what’s coming your way!#HYPERWONDERLAND#Sinulog2016"Helios (https://soundcloud.com/romosmusic/romos-helios)" by Romos(https://www.facebook.com/RomosMusic) is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Posted by HYPER CEBU on Thursday, January 7, 2016