For this year, instead of going with the traditional "New Year's Resolution" where I promise to change something about myself or start doing something for my personal betterment, I decided to do something else! Because I've never really been one to wait a whole freakin' year to start improving upon myself when I can do that whenever I want to. 

So here's what I'll be doing instead, it's not a totally original idea of any kind. But it's something that combines most of the things I love doing the most: Watching movies, reading books, playing games, and most of all....Writing and speaking my mind about it afterwards! 

To break it all down, I will basically be doing a blogpost series for 3 different categories. And below, I will be laying out some mechanics of how this whole series of things will go down for the entirety of 2016:


I used to be a quite the  bookworm a few years ago. Unfortunately, I've kind of left it behind and a lot of the books I got and planned on reading back then got shelved and haven't even been opened for years.  So I'm sorry my books but don't fret because Daddy's gonna tend to you soon. Will basically be going through 1 book per month! And every month, there's going to be 2 posts: 1 for the beginning where I introduce the book that I'm going to read and what I think about it before even going through it, then another at the end of the month after I've finished it. A more detailed but still brief review and reflective type of post.


Now this one, I can do no problem. I pretty much watch at least 2-3 movies per week (sometimes even more than 10 depending on my free time) and I can never seem to run out of stuff to watch. So this shouldn't be that hard. I'll probably just combine both movies and TV shows in this category though being that they're pretty close mediums. 1 post per movie or per show that I've finished--still not sure what to do for long-running shows though, if I should have 1 post per season or just summarize its entirety in one giant post. What do you think?


Still a big, big fan of games (still have that distant dream of becoming a game developer one day!) although I really haven't played anything to completion since last year with the 50+ hours I spent on "Dark Souls II". But I'm hoping to spend some more time on finishing games! But not that many, though as I really don't see myself being able to spend time sitting down and drilling that many hours into games as much as I used to.

So that's about it! I'm really looking forward to committing to each of my upcoming blog series. Not only will I have a clearer and more organized platform to keep track of my hobbies, it'll also help me populate this blog better than I've been doing recently! Plus, again, I'll be having a blast along the way so it's a total win-win for me. I'm hoping you can keep tuning in too!