VLOGGITY 07: Avalanche Ice Cream & "Inside Out"!

Shortest vlog episode to date! Being that there wasn't really anything going 
on during this particular weekend. Me and Kat simply headed 
to Avalanche Ice Cream Shop, then saw "Inside Out" afterwards! 
You might be thinking "Didn't that movie come out like months ago?"--well, yeah, but so are these footage. I've just been either too busy or too lazy to edit my vlogs which is why I've fallen very much behind. Right now I'm looking at around 9 different events or places that we attended and I just start to get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything altogether. I don't want to make any promises because I know I'd just end up breaking them. But I will try to edit and finish whatever I can!

In regards to the ice cream and the movie, the ice cream was great, it was pretty unique 
that's for sure, and was pretty good overall! While "Inside Out" is probably the best 
animated movie of the year, and possibly in quite a while. 
I'd definitely put it up there on par with Pixar's finest works ("Up","Wall-E", "Toy Story", etc.)

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