super hot, super hot game, super hot gameplay

Time moves only when you move. That is the main hook for SUPERHOT.
Its super slick and minimalist art style brings this game to the top of my 
must-play games for this year.

It is an independently-developed first-person shooter video game, created by SUPERHOT Team 
as part of the 2013 7 Day FPS Challenge. The game, as developed from the challenge, was originally released as a browser-based game in September 2013; a full release is currently under development. While the game controls like a first-person shooter, with the player attempting to take out enemy targets, time within the game only progresses when the player moves; this creates the opportunity for the player to assess their situation and respond appropriately, making the gameplay similar 
to strategy-based games.

super hot, super hot game, super hot gameplay

Check out my quick gameplay video where I suck at the game bigtime! (but still enjoy it very much)