VisPop Music Festival: All The Cool Kids Are Going! Are You?!?

Alright I'm going to list out a few songs off the top of my head really quick...

Heard of those wonderful songs?
You probably have.
In fact, you probably played each of them fully just now because of how good they are to listen to!
Wouldn't it be even better to hear them live performed by their respective artists?
Well, now's your chance!

VisPop Music Festival is basically a celebration/gathering of the best VisPop songs and artists from the last 3 seasons. Including the ones that I posted above, there are a lot more fantastic, quality songs on their track list. Not to mention other local acts such as Missing Filemon ("Sine-sine", "Englisera"), the folks from Gugmang Giatay The Musical, Junior Kilat, and so much more!

What's totally awesome is that you can get the chance to see them perform in front of you live! 
So come one, or come many. Bring as many of your friends and family as you'd like!
It's a rarity to get to witness such an impressive lineup of this magnitude in our local scene so make sure to grab this fan-freaking-tastic opportunity!

Do take note that whatever profit the event garners will be used to further support the artists and the coordinators in their creative growth. After all, it is the Bisaya culture that is the utmost core of the event before anything else. Our language, the people, dear traditions, and the music of course.
So aside from getting to witness your favorite VisPop songs and artists live in front of your eyeballs and ear holes, you also get to support the VisPop scene so we can get more in the upcoming years! 
So what are you waiting for?!?

Mao ayaw na pag-duha duha! 
Panawga na tanan imong mga kaila!
Arun kitang tanan mag-lipay lipay
Maminaw ug VisPop kanunay!

For tickets, feel free to check out their Facebook page at:
Thanks for reading along. See you there! :D

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