E-Sports Fest 2015!

This year's eSports Festival--a nationwide celebration/tourney of the biggest and best eSports gaming titles--was again held in our very own city of Cebu! And boy was it a hype-filled event to behold!
Specially as a massive fan of the eSports scene, and just the whole gaming scene as a whole!

This will just be a quick and somewhat disjointed recap of the final day, so I'd like to apologize in advance if things get a bit derailed here and there.

Moving on!

As a member of the CBC, I was one of the few lucky enough to have been granted
passage to cover the event.
The whole thing actually spanned 3 days starting Friday of August 21 to Sunday, August 23, but we only managed to cover the final day, which was still pretty great because they had a very special guest during that day; The Cosplay Queen of the country herself, Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao!

As we first entered the venue which was at SM City Cebu's Trade Hall, we were greeted by a sea of excited gamers roaming around the place trying to get a look at their favorite titles. From Dota 2, to Clash of Clans, each game had their own impressive setup. The whole place was pretty much decked with beastly PC rigs, a giant LED screen where the main set of matches where displayed, and a lot of other setups and booths from dozens of tables filled with CoC players with all their devices hooked up to power outlets, to exhibit booths (SUN, Smart, HyperX, etc.), to various food stalls. 
The atmosphere of the room was just electrifying. (Both in the literal and figurative sense. Heh.)

A few minutes went by and we were all called to the venue's board room where a 
quick press briefing was held.
Most, if not, all of the event's coordinators and head figures were in that room talking about the significance of the event, how excited and passionate everyone was, and all about their big plans for the future. All exciting stuff to discuss and listen to!

Also got to take a quick photo with Miss Alodia herself!
Senpai noticed me! Hahaha
Look at that crowd swarm as Alodia tries to get into the venue!

I've said it before and I will say it again, any eSports game is made infinitely better by watching it with a huge crowd. The hype just exponentially intensifies!

Nice to see fighters get some time on the spotlight! :D
A spread of CoC players going through a FREAKING 6 HOUR BATTLE/CLASH.
It's ridiculous how big this game is in our country! You do your thing CoC players!
(from left to right) Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO) President Brian Lim, and ESF Ambassadors Alodia Gosiengfiao, and Tryke Gutierrez
Sick PC rigs!
Ms. Alodia and co. during their 10 Vs. 10 Dota 2 showmatch.

Some of the major games that had their finals during that day were: Dota 2, Crossfire, Clash of Clans, and Ultra Street Fighter IV. We sat throughout pretty much every single game, finished the entire event which lasted up until 10PM and loved every minute of it!
 Even Kat who isn't really that big into gaming still got pretty hype during some moments, all in all a pretty adorable and impressive thing to witness. Haha. 

I can definitely say that I had a freaking blast. I am so looking forward to whatever exciting event they'll have for us next, but more importantly, for the future of eSports and gaming as a whole in our country. The future is here and it is awesome!

eSports Festival 2015 was of course brought to us by the fantastic people of The Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO), a group devoted to uplifting the status of gamers in the country.
Find out more about them @ http://esports.inquirer.net/ or their Facebook page!
Thanks for making the whole event possible you guys! And of course to the wonderful folks from the Cebu Blogging Community for granting us the opportunity to be there in the first place.
I appreciate every opportunity they grant us with to go and do our thing and of course to share every event that I get to go to with all of you guys. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Oh, and check out my accompanying Vlog of the event! The actual ESF part starts somewhere in the middle because Kat and I also attended Eiga Sai 2015 earlier within the week. Each event was just a huge blast! As Mr. Nature Boy, Ric Flair himself has said time and time again...

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  1. Esports has really gone a long way. What the outdoors and street games were to our childhood and teen life, experts is to the teens and kids of today

  2. I really like watching events like this, maka thrill og feeling techy kaau ko ani haha

  3. Not really a fan with Esports maybe because I suck at it. LOL. Pero wow gwapa kaayo si Alodia!

  4. I wish i could relate but nah. Pero I can feel the excitement jud sa mga taw when Alodia came into view. Akong timeline ato gabaha ug post.

  5. As an ex-gamer myself, It is really nice to know and see the rise of esports here in the Philippines and for it to be called a sport is really a big deal damnit! #ManlyTears

  6. I was once into eSports pero I stopped kay makaadik. Blaming my poor eyesight now to that. Hahaha.

  7. I certainly hope I can attend on cbc events like this. This is really awesome! You get to meet Alodia! Urg! I really like her: ) her kawaiiness and all: ) great post"

    Best regards,
    RICA | www.switbbydoll.com

  8. Not into e-gaming (does Farmville count?) but I do understand why some folks are addicted to it. Kudos to the organizers coz the places looks packin' and good for you that you finally meet Alodia in person. I think she's very pretty on and off cam. :)

  9. If not for a schedule conflict, I would have attended this event and met Alodia...huhuh I'm not gamer but love to appreciate and be a spectator of epic games and graphics. :)

  10. eSports going to be bigger in the years to come. Once a upon a time, I dreamed of being paid millions just to play games and I guess it is possible now with the rise of eGames. I hope the Pinoys will be a force to reckon with in the world championships and I hope that the telecom giants improve the internet connection speed to be able to promote the "sport" better.

  11. If it wasn't because of the CBC invite, wa jud unta koy earth aning eSports. I don't play online man sad gud.. but Alodia <3 Wooot wooot! Next year, I might join events like this. We'll see. :)

  12. Ramzy! Naglibog ko kinsa si Alodia og kinsa si Kat! Hehehehe! I hope that eSports fans will earn more and have more fun too!

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  14. Wait what? eSports? I should've been here. Alodia was in my college feature phone's longest-running wallpaper. :(

  15. While I'm not a gamer, I find it amazing jud that people are so passionate about things and it feels great! Good job, guys.

  16. Great post! Fff? HAHAHAHAHAA jk. This is actually weird.

  17. I miss cosplaying! It's been a while since I attended a cosplay/hobbyist convention but I'm glad the local cosplay scene is still thriving!