RnR Podcast - LIVE! + Bonus PT Gameplay!

Our very first livestream!

And it definitely was a trainwreck....Hahaha.
From several technical issues, down to us basically just sucking at the whole streaming thing. It was pretty awful. But pretty fun! So...there's that, I guess. Whatever.

This happened to be Episode 17 of our our podcast as well. At first when we were brainstorming of what the stream would be, whether it was going to be a purely gaming-based or just another podcast episode, we decided to go with doing a podcast instead being that we were more comfortable with doing one since we've kinda gotten the hang of it over the past few months. 

It was just the usual fun and crazy time talking about a certain pop-culture related topic then getting sidetracked, realizing that we're way off topic now and then going back on track. It's ridiculous fun, and we love doing it every week.

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We ended the livestream by playing PuniTy! AKA the PT remake on the PC that was made using the Unity engine.
We almost shat our pants in fear. Haha. Fun times!