RAMZY'S VLOGGITY #05: Friday Night Party w/ the CICCT & CBC OOTD Photoshoot!

Pretty fun weekend this was! Got to hang out with some old friends from our college 
after their acquaintance party, got pretty loaded then the day after, had our first ever 
OOTD shoot along with some folks from the CBC!

 But...that's the shortened version, the truth was, I actually got pretty wasted during that night out and had a pretty bad hangover the next day, but still managed to brave through everything and go to our planned shoot. Needless to say I wasn't feeling all to well, but the day was going pretty okay. Got to meet up with them over at Cebu Business Park, were all ready for the shoot at the outdoor location where we planned on shooting beforehand--until it started raining. Hard. After trying to wait it out and then realizing that it was getting too dark and the rain was still pouring steadily, we instead decided to go someplace else. Somewhere indoors! We ended up choosing to go to Coffee Prince for some reason. We got there, all set to do a shoot indoors (even though it turned out that the place wasn't really that ideal because it didn't have that much place), until it stopped raining! So after everything, we ended up just doing the shoot outside, finding places like the back parking lot, or the sidewalk to instead shoot at. It was all a good time besides the slight struggles. Being that it was also just an experiment, I think it went pretty okay! Looking forward to the real thing soon!