RAMZY'S VLOGGITY #04: Graduation photos, CBC @ Yoyi's Pastries, Paper Towns, & Cat Cafe!

So for this week, Kat and I finally took the time to have our super-appropriately timed graduation photos taken,  we then went to Yoyi's Pastries to hang out with our fellow CBC members, but before that, we randomly decided to go and catch "Paper Towns"! As per our usual weekend getaways, it was pretty great. We all had a good time from just hanging out in the photo studio just chatting with the photographers and people there, to being in the state of panic as we suddenly decided to go see a movie on the weekend, arrive on the cinema just barely in time, and then be greeted by a line longer than the Nile river. Well, not really, but I like to exaggerate. And of course, our lovely time @ Yoyi's with the CBC folks just having a blast, enjoying the delicious pastries, having a discussion about our blogs with one of the leads, sharing tips and stuff.

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