RAMZY'S VLOGGITY #03: Ant-Man, Dance Sessions & Camotes Islands Weekend!

This was probably my most jam-packed and longest Vlog episode to date. Haha.
So going chronologically, we first went to see Ant-Man for free thanks to Kat for winning free movie passes which we then used to get to see the movie. It was pretty good. Definitely your typical fun-filled solid Marvel movie and I know that that makes it sound not that special but just about every Marvel movie is pretty damn good so I don't really know how else to put it. 
The morning after that, I met up with my boys from the Javascript dance crew and had a quick rehearsal session for our upcoming 5th anniversary celebration. We planned on shooting a video at the Pedro Calungsod Chapel that afternoon but nothing came into fruition because of several issues, both technical and logistical. Which was too bad, but we'll be working on it still so stay tuned!
And last but absolutely not the least, our amazing trip to Camotes Islands during the weekend!
For a better and more informative take on our trip on the island, check out Kat's blog post! 
It has all the great photos that we took, a clear explanation of the process that we went through travelling for the island, and some cool tips if you plan on going yourself.
Looking back at it, it was such a heavenly time being there, just being able to enjoy the awe-inspiring view while breathing in the rich breeze of the ocean far away from the city, just enjoying life with someone very dear to you. :)