E3 2015 Coverage! - Sony

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Part two of my own humble coverage during this year's E3! And I have to say upfront that Sony probably dropped the biggest bomb during the middle of their conference. This was without a doubt my favorite conference out of the three that I watched. Lots of great-looking games shown, with the biggest spotlight on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! You've probably heard of it by now. I mean the entire internet exploded right after the live announcement! It just goes to show how iconic the original game really was for a whole lot of people. I for one yelled out loud during my "Let's Watch" of Sony's conference, which I will be including below for you to see if you wish to do so. I even isolated my live reaction and uploaded it as a separate video on my channel and it has surprisingly been getting some traffic! Certainly higher than anything I've put up in forever. Haha! Here it is:

I caught the stream at around 9AM over here so I was still eating breakfast as I was tuning in to the stream, I had a really great time as this year's E3 was actually my very first time to be able to actually tune in to the streams both live and fully and not just catch tidbits of footage of trailers and gameplay here and there.

Anyway! Here's my "Let's Watch" of this year's Sony E3 2015 Press Conference! I hope you enjoy watching!

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