RAMZY'S VLOGGITY #01: SM Strolling

So yeah that's my totally made-up-just-now-as-I-am-writing-this term for what I might start doing! All depends on the outcome of this first one, but yeah! I've also started vlogging now! I just felt like it would be a great addition to my usual Youtube content, so here's to widening my creative horizon!

This was shot last Saturday of July 4 which was coincidentally USA's Independence Day ('Murica!).
That occasion has nothing to do with anything about this post or the vlog, though. I just felt like that's a big enough deal to point out. Anyway, what's basically in the video is me just messing around and roaming around by myself while I was all alone because the missus was attending this! I'm actually in the process of applying for the Cebu Blogging Community myself, actually! Here's to hoping I get approved soon as I really find the whole community great with what I've learned via osmosis during the past year or so. Also, I managed to finally watch "Jurassic World" during that time and had a really good time! Plus, me just filming random and stupid shit and all. Haha.

So yeah, I really hope you enjoy watching this, cause I really did enjoy making it! Here's to even more fun content in the future!

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