Game of Thrones Season 5 FINALE - A Song of Rustles & Salt

If you're a Game of Thrones fan then you're already familiar with the roller coa-WHIRLWIND SUPER TORNADO that this lovely series puts our minds and emotions through. One minute you're like "Oh, man! This show is the best! Ugh!" and the next, "Oh man! This show is the best! Ugh!" with the heaviest dose of sarcasm. Basically a homonym of polarized mood swings and the like.

Anyway, season 5 just ended! And to just sum up the season without giving out a detailed review, my only thoughts of it are that it was probably the weakest season of the entire show to date.  There were some amazing, amazing high's, but there were also some cringy low's, all of which averages the whole season in my opinion to a mixed bag of swerving quality. That is not to say the show has jumped the shark, though. Because a "meh" season of Game of Thrones is still the best freaking season of most other television shows out there. It's just established a reputation of television gold, is all.


One of the biggest, most controversial moments for its audience is the cliff-hangers of course! And boy oh boyyyy did this season leave viewers (and even book-readers) speechless...for a second! And then everyone started grabbing their pitchforks and shouting their anger to the skies as if their collective voices will be heard by George R.R. Martin himself as he probably sits in his throne made up of the melted dreams and sorrow of the fans of his book series. I'm not gonna say anything about what happened during the finale just in case you happened to stumble upon this without being caught up. Instead, I'm gonna put my very own live reaction video of that moment in the show below. It is filled with spoilers for season 5's finale so if you're still not caught up, for the love of all gods, both old and the new, DO NOT WATCH IT. For those of you who are in the clear, feel free to go ahead! I hope you enjoy it! (my reaction, not what happens in the show cause fuuuuuuuuu...)

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