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e3 2015

Keeping in-line with their company's trend recently of doing "Directs"--which is basically putting out pre-made videos to showoff whatever new games and stuff they have upcoming, this year's E3 conference by Nintendo was done not in front of a live audience with speakers having to come up stage and pitch their latest material, but instead through a pre-recorded hour-long footage which basically had everything they had to show off for this year's E3. The obvious advantage of which, is having full control of everything that goes down during the presentation, and being able to avoid screw-ups that might happen during real-time presentations. But I'd like to point out that there also happens to be a downside to that type of presentation. Mainly being not being able to get that bombastic feel of a concert or a standup act that occurs only on presentations such as the ones by Microsoft, Sony and others who decided to do live conferences, not to mention not being able to get a feel of what the crowd thinks of the material you're putting out there on a real-time basis. But I digress. This is my final post for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. There were others who had their own separate conferences apart from the usual 'Big Three', hell, there was even a separate conference for the PC as a platform for the first time! But eh, all the conferences being a string of events in a duration of two days was too much for one guy in his apartment with sluggish, third-world-tier internet to handle. Besides, there was actually nothing that amazing in those conferences after reading the feedbacks from the blogs and forums I frequent. Hey, maybe next time, though? I don't know. We'll see.

nintendo e3
just felt the need to include this masterpiece...
Back to the matter at hand! The Nintendo E3 Conference! As I've mentioned in my post preceding this one, Sony's was my favorite among the three that I saw. That being said, Nintendo's presentation was still alright, albeit being a bit underwhelming. And all the hoops that I had to jump through just to finish my recording of this! Hahaha, Christ. Because my internet just shitted itself during the middle of my viewing. And as I was actually not watching a livestream but instead the already done video on their Youtube page, I was faced with tons of buffering issues all throughout the video. I even had to freaking play with my Mario figures just to stall and fill in time while the stream buffered! Felt like a goddamn idiot. It's in the video I made, around the 21 minute mark, you can skip ahead if you'd just like to see that whole mess.

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