Back To Making Dance Videos! Also, A Quick Trip To Somewhere Far From The City!

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During my two-week vacation over at my hometown of Madrid, Surigao del Sur, I decided to sneak in some time to make a quick dance vid. I haven't done one in such a long time, mainly due to being busy with my studies, but hey, I'm done with that now and I have some free time so why the hell not?!

The video I included below was shot at such a nice and peaceful area over at our province, it was actually a bit far from the central part of the town so there were even less people than usual. As a matter of fact I only saw around three to five people, who were farmers tending to their crops at that time in the morning. Why morning? Because I was just coming from an early-morning run, of course! It was about an hour or so of jogging from our house. Started at around 5:40AM, got there at around 6:30-ish.

The rich, cool breeze of the province and the cloudy weather at the time were a perfect combination for me. I got to the place a bit exhausted, but still energized and relaxed. And seeing the place itself, a wide skyline where you can see the surrounding mountains and the river as it makes its way to the sea just a few miles ahead. It was definitely a sight to behold, specially after not being able to come back to the place for more than a year.
After taking in the view and catching my breath for a bit, I decided to just put my phone on the ground (it was the only thing I brought aside from my mp3 player) and shoot a quick video. 
And here it is!

As you will see if you wish to watch the clip, I am way off the side of the screen, that's because it was actually quite hard to judge my position on the camera and being all alone and already exhausted at the time, after recording (I only did one take) and seeing the screwed-up result, I decided to just let it slide and ask forgiveness to my audience afterwards, so I'd like to apologize for the botched framing of this video and would like to thank you for watching and reading along! Tune in to more content from your's truly! :)

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